Join NLAWARP through G-Cloud 12

Virtual NLAWARP membership is now available to buy via the G-Cloud 12 Framework.

New Data Handling Guidelines Available

The 5th Edition of the Local Government Data Handling Guidelines was published in April 2018 and includes updated guideance that addresses GDPR.

Our Purpose

The NLAWARP serves to encourage the development of multiple, regional Local Authority WARPs and to provide a centralised online services, to reduce the burden on individual WARPs.

As well as providing the three core services provided by all WARPs, the NLAWARP has connections into Central Government, Policing, the Department of Health and NCSC . These relationships allow us to lobby in our members’ interests and also mean that we can provide the latest guidance and advice to our members.


Core WARP services

Security Alerts

Sifting through the reams of security information available each day is a time consuming exercise. Security alerting services take away much of the headache, delivering a curated feed of security news, actionable threat intelligence and vulnerability alerts directly to your mailbox.

Advice brokering

Why struggle to find a solution when someone else may have already solved the problem? WARP members have access to a wealth of information, both from within the group itself, in peer WARPs and by making use of external expertise.

Incident Reporting

WARPs encourage members to share information about security incidents so that others can learn from them and if appropriate prepare themselves for a similar incident in their organisation.